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High quality music recording on location with a portable recording setup (albums, live concert recordings, demos).


Precise and detailed audio editing to perfect your recorded music tracks, podcast, audiobook or sound design.


Mixing of recorded audio tracks to make your music sound polished and professional.



India Hooi is an Australian sound engineer, music producer, pianist, singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer based in the USA and Spain.


India specialises in recording and mixing classical, acoustic, folk and multi-genre music, and also produces music and sound for media. She has worked with numerous artists in Europe and Australia to record and produce albums, demos, live concert recordings and soundtracks.​ India is currently undertaking the audio fellowship at the renowned New World Symphony in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

India Hooi - sound engineer & musician

A classically-trained pianist who began her musical studies at the age of 4, India has a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Classical Piano Performance from the University of Adelaide in Australia and a Masters Degree in Tonmeister (Sound and Music Recording) from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. In 2017 India was selected to undertake an audio engineering practicum at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada.


India has performed as a pianist, singer and multi-instrumentalist in concerts and projects throughout Europe and Australia. Current projects include musical duo Indigo (jazz and musical comedy) and progressive rock/multi-genre group Psychic Equalizer. An experienced chorister, she currently sings with the Camerata Coral of the University of Cantabria and Spanish renaissance vocal ensemble Adamar. India has a passion for learning and collecting instruments from around the world, such as pandereta (Cantabrian tambourine), dizi (Chinese flute), erhu (Chinese violin), bansuri (Indian flute) and tabla (Indian drums).​

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Tailor-made music and sound design for short film soundtracks, video games, podcasts and media.

Specialist in recording classical, chamber music, choral, acoustic, folk, world and multi-genre music.


Piano/vocal music for concerts, session recordings,

weddings and events.

Also available as duo Indigo.




Adam Stadnicki (cello)

Adriana Isaku (cello)

Alba String Quartet

Anastasia Suenson (accordion)

Ashley Hribar (piano)

Babett Hartman (harpsichord)

Bogdan Nicola (piano)

Cecilia Lindwall (soprano)

Elin Adler (soprano)
Francisco San Emeterio (piano)



Freya Schack-Arnott (cello)

Galya Kolarova (piano)

Giovanni Punzi (clarinet)

Hanna Thiel (viola da gamba)

Irene Bianco (percussion)

Joakim Larsson (bass-baritone)

John Andert (tenor)

José Imhof (piano)

Karin & Asger Von Daler (music meditation)

Kehan Zhang (violin)


Kristina Socanski (piano)

Mekhla Kumar (piano)

Minna Svedberg (viola)

Pavlovski’s Balalaika Orchestra

Saga de Leon (cello)

Seit Quartet (2 pianos & percussion)

Simone Samuel (trumpet)
St. Alexander Nevsky Russian church choir

Tinne Albrechtsen (baroque violin)

Winnie Bugge Frandsen (flute)





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